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What to Wear Now

50 Shades of Red

Call it oxblood, spiced wine, rouge, or ruby, the surprise of the fall collections was the emergence of a new addition to any fall palette: a darkly subtle crimson hue that mixed, matched, and popped its way down runways (sometimes accompanied in the same collection with a gamut of red-related shades from russet to raspberry). No fewer than three designers sent out models clad in slick burgundy raincoats—practical and striking. The most chic might have been Tommy Hilfiger’s version; the to-the-knees slicker walked the runway with a shorter motorcycle jacket, which is how you’ll see this color-texture combo in production for the fall. This bold color choice adds a fiery spark to any wardrobe staple. It’s intense, indulgent, and inescapable, showing up everywhere this season, complementing fall’s interesting textures from silk and velvet to leather.