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Cafe Julie's: A World Filled with Wonder

Café Julie’s dazzles visitors with a selection of artisan breads, specialty pastries and coffees, house-made gelatos, and luxurious Valrhona chocolates.

Café Julie’s dazzles visitors with a selection of artisan breads, specialty pastries and coffees, house-made gelatos, and luxurious Valrhona chocolates.

Wander into the newly-renovated lobby of Broadmoor Main on a cold snowy day and the scent of vanilla and caramelized sugar will draw you through the wrought-iron gates of Cafe Julie’s and into a world filled with wonder.

Lines of glass cases, reminiscent of classic French patisseries, delight the senses with a dizzying array of handcrafted croissants, pastries, gelatos and chocolates.

Wide-eyed children stand on tiptoe, gazing into the glass window of the chocolate room as chefs in white toques create exquisite bonbons and chocolate showpieces.

Café Julie’s is the perfect place to experience the holiday spirit. 

So enjoy a crisp croissant and a café mocha as you peruse the cases. 

Dazzling gift items from chocolate Christmas tree sculptures to Café Julie’s signature hot cocoa with a gold spoon--all created by Executive Baking & Pastry Chef Adam Thomas and his extraordinary team--are sure to tempt you.

“We are lucky to have Chef Adam leading the baking and pastry team here at The Broadmoor,” says Executive Chef David Patterson. “Chef Adam is a world-class chocolatier and pastry chef—one of the very best in the country.”

If you’re feeling adventurous, choose a decadent petit gâteau.

 “All of our pastries, including the cupcakes, have a surprise in the middle,” Chef Adam says.

The caramel petit gâteau is a work of art. A sweet crust is topped with layers of custard, chocolate disks and caramel Chantilly. Cut it open and you’ll see each layer with a soft tender caramel in the center.

The signature swan was designed to celebrate The Broadmoor’s centennial. With its pâte à choux base and graceful white chocolate neck and wings, it’s a real showstopper. Inside you’ll find a cookie butter pastry cream and little chunks of cookie for crunch.

For a delightful holiday dessert, choose the classic French apple tart. With its layers of puff pastry, almond cream, apple slices and a decorative white chocolate swirl, it’s sure to wow your guests. 

If you’re longing for a silky sweet treat, order one of Café Julie’s Italian gelatos. You’ll have a choice of ten luscious flavors from Lemon Blueberry to Hazelnut Chocolate.

“It’s creamy, like eating yogurt,” says Chef Adam. 

In fact, Emily, his four-year-old daughter, is a true connoisseur. Instead of ice cream, she always says, “I want Daddy’s gelato.”

The handcrafted chocolates will literally take your breath away. 

“We use Valrhona Chocolates from France,” Chef Adam says. “It’s the best chocolate we can offer our guests, and we even have our own private line, a dark chocolate blend.”

Chef Adam and his team take chocolates very seriously. Each tiny treasure—from Salted Caramel to Irish Coffee--has been refined at least 18-20 times before it’s offered to the guests.

For holiday gifts, chocolates are available in a selection of elegant, jewel-like boxes. 

The Colorado, a chocolate-coated walnut nougat topped with honey orange ganache and edible gold leaf, comes with a story. Part of The Broadmoor’s sustainability program, the honey is a product of the Eagle’s Nest Ranch, northeast of Denver. 

“We harvest 300 gallons of honey every year,” Chef Adam says.

For the perfect complement to your petit gâteau, order one of Café Julie’s espresso drinks. The baristas, like supervisor Justin Congdon, are excited to share the story of their Italian Lavazza brand line of coffee and espresso beans and introduce you to new flavors, like the marble mocha macchiato. If you ask, they’ll even give you a taste of their luscious Italian sipping chocolate. 

To experience true magic, take your espresso, peek into the chocolate room and follow every step of the chocolate-making process. You’ll be mesmerized as Chef Adam and his team temper chocolate, dip apples in caramel, and build chocolate trees. 

“Having a window adds to the wonderment,” says head chocolatier Amanda Houdek. “When guests see us enrobe the salted caramel or make the swans, it gives them a sense of involvement. “

But the involvement doesn’t stop there.

Chef Adam and his team delight in creating personalized memories for their guests. “If a child has been watching us wide-eyed,” Chef Adam says, “we’ll invite her inside, put an apron on her, and have her help us with the chocolates.

“Like the Broadmoor, Café Julie’s is about building memories. We’re building a legacy that our guests will talk about forever.” 

Wine, Beer, and So Much More

In addition to pastries and confections, Café Julie’s offers other culinary delights to carry you through the day, including breakfast parfaits, soups, salads, sandwiches and quiches. In the afternoon and evening, after a day of holiday shopping, order a glass of wine or the resort’s own branded beer and relax around one of two cozy fireplaces in Broadmoor Main’s newly-remodeled lobby. Visions of petits gâteaux and chocolate showpieces will surely dance in your head.