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Holiday Wine Gift Giving Etiquette

Tips Everyone Should Know

For those giving wine gifts this year, whether to one’s boss, a family member, close friend or party host, it’s a good idea to keep the following protocols in mind:

• If you are not familiar with specific taste preferences of those you are giving the wine to, it’s always best to stick with classic varieties. Giving someone a simple white or red wine is usually a safe bet. If you know their preference - red, white, bubbles or fortified - that narrows your search down a bit, and if you have a budget in mind that makes the decision a whole lot easier.

• If you’re worried about how much money to spend, and you’re worried the receiver will know exactly the amount paid, then ask the sales attendant for something from a small winery that’s not easy to find. It’ll give the wine an air of exclusivity.

• Don’t expect the host to serve it upon presentation. They may have other plans in mind. It’s important to remember that it is your gift to them. They can serve it whenever they wish.

• You may want to include something with the wine. Popular options include: chocolates, cheese, Spanish olives, dried fruits, or almonds. Another nice option is to pair it with a unique wine glass or small wine pairing book for their collection.

• Wrapping it in a wine bag is optional, but if you choose not to use one, then it’s a nice touch to add a hand-written note and a ribbon or bow.