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Here’s a Fun Pop Psychology Question for You...

You walk into a bar, stroll up to the counter, and spot the person of your dreams sipping on a drink. What beverage do you imagine them drinking?

To explore this question, Budweiser launched its “First Impressions” National Survey—a fascinating survey of 2,000 Americans (ages 21+) that asked respondents to match common bar drinks (beer, wine, champagne, cosmopolitan, margarita, and gin & tonic) with perceived personality traits from the Five Factor Model (agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and openness to experience).

So, what does your chosen drink say about you? 


Drink Choice: Margarita

nickname: “Mr./Ms. Free Spirit”

Both women (50%) and men (41%) drinking margaritas seem more “energetic and outgoing.” Domestic beer (like Budweiser) drinkers are also perceived as energetic and outgoing (29% for women and 27% for men), albeit to a lesser degree.


Drink Choice: Champagne

nickname: "Mr./Ms. Fancy"

The survey reports that champagne drinkers seem substantially more "sophisticated and demanding" (57% for women, 41% for men). Wine drinkers also score high on this trait (29% for men and 25% for women).


Drink Choice: Wine

nickname: “Mr./Ms. Focused”

52% of respondents perceive a man drinking wine as more “serious and reserved,” while 31% believe the same thing for women. Gin & tonic drinkers come in second place for this personality trait, at 23% (men) and 22% (women).


Drink Choice: Cosmopolitan

nickname: “Mr./Ms. Trendy”

48% of respondents believe a woman drinking a cosmo is “flashy and fashionable,” while 40% agree the same applies to a man. No other drink choice scores high on this personality trait.


Drink Choice: Gin & Tonic

nickname: “Mr./Ms. Practical”

30% of respondents believe a man drinking a gin & tonic seems more “analytical & calculating,” while 22% believe the same thing for women. Gin & tonic drinkers also rank high for being “cautious & conventional” (20% for men, 17% for women).


Drink Choice: Beer

nickname “Mr./Ms. Easy Going”

Both women (70%) and men (59%) who drink domestic beer are perceived as more approachable. Imported beer also has a positive approachability effect for both women (36%) and men (29%), but not nearly as strong as a domestic beer.