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Simple, Colorful, Dramatic, or Cute: Holiday Cards are Back

Holiday cards – the real ones that arrive via U.S. mail and you can hold in your hand – are making a comeback because they elicit good feelings for both the sender and the recipient, according to the U.S. Greeting Card Association. And with so many options for customizing your greeting, this is one item on your holiday to-do list that falls in the fun category.

Whether you scan through designs at an online site or local stationary store, you should be able to spot the current trends in holiday cards with ease. Chalkboard designs are prevalent stemming from the trend in interior design. They incorporate hand-written messages in chalk along with whimsical images. Retro designs deliver vintage images, sentiments in old-fashioned fonts and simple color palates for a look of yesteryear. Graduated colors or tones also come from the interior design industry and help guide the eye while adding drama and dimension. But perhaps the biggest movement is in photo cards because of the personal touch and ability to share a special moment.

Creating a picture-perfect holiday card is easy if you let the photo influence the design. Consider the moment captured in the photo and select a card design that compliments it. The same rule applies to the sentiment. Find words that mirror the photo or choose a classic phrase such as “Happy Holidays” and you can’t go wrong. If you have a collage of photos in mind be sure to select a card design that is meant to display multiple images. Choose a background color or theme that blends nicely so your photos continue to be the focal point. And don’t forget the back of the card. While not all card designs will offer this finishing touch, it’s a great place to share a silly or sentimental parting shot.

Eager to snap some photos so you can create your holiday card? Here are a few tips for landing some great family shots. 

•    Arrange family members at different levels – kneeling, sitting and standing.

•    Avoid wearing white or black and choose coordinated (not matching) clothing that is classic and comfortable.

•    Have treats for kids and pets to help the session go more smoothly.

•    The light source should be behind the photographer no matter the time of day and avoid a mid-day photo shoot. 

•    Frame the shot so it is tightly cropped.

•    Relax and make the session fun. A happy group will produce joyful photos that don’t look posed.

•    Take a few photos when your subjects aren’t prepared. You just might capture the most natural, appealing shot of the session.