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Road Rage Holidays

No one denies the holidays are stressful. You just battled for the last PlayStation at the store and lost. Your kids are whining they are hungry and the lines are out the door at their favorite fast-food franchise. Then the guy driving in front of you is going 10 miles under the speed limit and there’s no way to pass. 

If you’re tailgating, swearing at other drivers or driving over the speed limit because you’re in a hurry, you’ve become an aggressive driver. That can get you a ticket.

If you become confrontational, then you’ve escalated to road rage. That can land you in jail.

Though there are no statistics to prove road rage is higher during the holidays, Barbara Bailey of Drive Smart Colorado, a non-profit agency aligned with the Colorado Springs Police Department, believes it does escalate. 

Bailey, the program coordinator for the organization, says, “Let’s face it. Everyone is more stressed, and lots of people get behind the wheel that way.”

Factors also include: more people on the roads, occasional bad weather conditions and the temptation to drink and drive with all the holiday festivities going on. 

“Just finding a parking place at the mall can be frustrating,” she adds. Then we pack that frustration with us when we get back on the road and take it out on other drivers. “Black Friday is the worst!”

Colorado Springs has grown so much in recent years – with 600,000 people in the metro area – “we have become a big city but we still think like a small town. It used to be, you could get anywhere in town in 15 minutes. That just is not true anymore. We need to allow more time and be patient with other drivers.”

There are also a lot of older drivers on the road these days, with the baby boomers coming of age. “And we don’t necessarily become better drivers as we get older,” she adds.