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A Moving Experience

You’re moving. The very thought is daunting. But with a bit of help from some experts, your life doesn’t have to descend into chaos. Spring and summer are premium times for families to move – after the kids are out of school and before it starts again in the fall. And the weather is usually nicer, so many people opt to make their move this time of year. 

Here are some tips – compiled from various local and national moving companies – for a smooth, hassle-free move:

First of all, plan it out. Research local moving companies and get at least three estimates in writing. If possible, get the estimator to come to your home so the estimate is realistic.

Second, check to see if your homeowner’s insurance covers damage or breakage during a move. Just in case. 

Third, declutter before packing. Get rid of clothing, furniture, toys and other unnecessary household items. Be ruthless. Then get packing boxes and start labeling them (on top and side). The move will be less painful if you get the kitchen stuff in the right room to start! 

There’s an app for that: Moving Van is an iPhone app ($1.99) that lets you snap photos of the contents of boxes, catalog them and assign each box a name or number. Then, when you’re unpacking (which can take time), and you need to find a specific item that isn’t unpacked yet, just search for it on your app and immediately ID the right box.

Place valuables such as heirlooms and jewelry in small, labeled boxes and plan to transport them yourself. Ditto for prescriptions.

If you’re moving major appliances, be sure to unplug and clean them before moving. Empty and thaw the freezer and have gas lines professionally disconnected. If you’re leaving them, clean them and see if you can find your warranties and such to leave for the next occupant. 

Back up your computer(s) and have a contingency plan for getting online while your unit is in transit. 

Don’t forget to notify the utility company about when you want services cut off – and to let your new company know when you want them turned on. Get your forwarding address to the post office and stop any regular deliveries, such as newspapers.