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Lips Don't Lie

Prep your pucker to make the most of spring’s newest shades.

Spring is the time to emerge from your cocoon and put your best face forward. Florals are blossoming on runways as are statement yellows and blues. So how best to complement these looks? “For spring 2015, the makeup trend has embraced colors that are cool, soft, and natural,” says Japonesque makeup artist Kristina Magovac. Melanie Kroupa, Rituals’ makeup specialist, adds, “The lip this season is supersaturated and soft. Pinks and corals are a must have.”

Craig-Ryan French, artistic beauty director for Paul & Joe Beauté, says, “Spring 2015 offers a clean and contemporary revival of the classic 1970s beauty aesthetic. Fresh coral, neutral beige, and a timeless red are in sync with the natural and bright beauty trends seen on the runway.”

Stiks launched in October 2014. Founder Laura Heilman’s innovative formula and packaging is a one-handed, single swipe solution. Heilman cites nude, red, and her signature tangerine as hot for spring in addition to three new colors. “They are different categories of pink, and they are all so pretty and feminine.”

Of course, color must be applied on a base of healthy, youthful skin. “Before applying lip color, prepping lips to create a smooth surface is essential for a flawless, even application,” says SheaMoisture resident makeup artist Lea Esposito. “I gently massage SheaMoisture’s lip exfoliator into lips, then wipe away with a damp towel, and follow with lip color.” 

Skin expert Dr. Harold Lancer’s system includes volume-enhancing lip serum, which he says should fit into a regular skin care regimen. He recommends exfoliating once or twice a week, he says, “followed by an application of our lip serum for full, hydrated lips.”

The ingredients in your products make a difference as well. French says Paul & Joe Beauté’s lipsticks are infused with jojoba oil, orange flower water, white lily extract, and other floral botanicals & oils. “These hydrating, natural ingredients are equally important as the quality of premium pigments used.”