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New Year, New Hue

Tracking the latest trends in interior design for spring 201

The great room of  Solid Rock Custom Homes’ masterpiece Bella Découvre, features a variety of warm shades and wood details

The great room of Solid Rock Custom Homes’ masterpiece Bella Découvre, features a variety of warm shades and wood details

The early months of 2019 have brought some of the most sweeping changes in interior design trends we’ve seen in years, and if you’re a fan of warmer palates, bold visuals, or something just a little bit quirky, you will welcome the latest looks with open arms. We checked in with some of the top design experts across the country—including the folks at Solid Rock Custom Homes—to narrow down these ideas to get you started.

Welcoming Warmth

We’ve been bathed in icy cool grays for quite some time, and they are finally taking a back seat. Think warm whites, beiges, and taupe hues for wall colors coupled with tweed fabrics. The look is classic and elegant and can transform a room. In addition, although wood has long been a traditional material and wood flooring has been popular for years, this trend will introduce even more wood elements to help warm up kitchens, dining spaces, and bathrooms and help connect the interior of your home to nature. Lain Chappell, owner and president of Solid Rock Custom Homes, says that brown and beige tones are both modern and cozy, and choosing the right color or the right wood—for example, something with a hint of coolness—can match all the tones in your home. And don’t be surprised if you gravitate toward warmer pinks to capture this trend. Designers say pale pinks and peaches will have their own place on showroom floors and in some of the trendiest homes.

Back in Black

Talk about making a bold statement … Kitchen and bath designers have been playing it safe with all-white kitchens and bathrooms for years. They may have gone out on a limb by suggesting a contrasting island or cabinet, but the palate was safe. Marina Cheban of Cheban Interiors in New York City says it’s a risky choice, but black kitchens and baths will prove to be very popular in 2019 and beyond. The looks create a rich, modern ambiance and offers a perfect background for pairing with gold fixtures, light countertops and contrasting flooring in kitchens. Bolder, black powder rooms will be making their debut as well. Experts say the approach is spa-like and sultry and gives the impression of being very elegant and high-end.

Mixing Metals

Here’s an easy trend to embrace in 2019 because you can accomplish the look with a relatively small investment. Think mixed metals in appliances, light fixtures, hardware, and other decorative accents. Stainless appliances will still evoke quality in the kitchen, but copper, brass, and gold will join in the spotlight. Copper pulls in red and orange hues deliver an earthy glow, and designers say it’s a breath of fresh air after years of nickel, chrome, and steel. Lain Chappell says this is a look that’s both timeless and eye-catching. Look for copper in lighting, sinks, and trims. Brass and gold also provide warmth and will be readily available in a variety of hardware, trim, and faucets.

Geometrically Speaking

There has probably always been a place for geometric patterns in home design—think of just about any decade, and you will identify a movement. But as 2019 rolls in, so does a whole new set of rules for geometrics in ceramic tiles: patterns with contrasting grout to create the design; custom backsplashes; designer fireplaces; and even upholstery, pillows, and other soft goods. Experts say this trend offers an easy way to create a focal point in any room to give it more personality.

Talk about Terrazzo

This mosaic flooring is made from a mix of glass, marble, granite, and quartz and then polished into suspension in resin or cement. It was once a mainstay of high-traffic commercial buildings, such as airports and hospitals, and a must-have element of midcentury Palm Springs style. But terrazzo is making a comeback, and designers predict it will have a huge impact on interior design in 2019. And it’s not just for walking on anymore. Look for terrazzo to have an impact in countertop choices, shower walls, fireplace surrounds, tabletops, and even doubling as wallpaper.

Curve Appeal

Just like the stark gray interiors we’ve been subjected to for the past few years, we’ve also had to embrace straight, clean-lined furniture. The new year is ushering in a whole new vibe in furnishings that are curvy, fun, and actually help with spatial awareness so that your home can feel larger than it is, according to NGI Designs. Solid Rock Custom Homes’ Lain Chappell says curves in furniture help soften the space, they visually break up the squares in the rest of the home. Look for this trend—a loose callback to the 1970s—in sofas, accent chairs, and even dining chairs, often upholstered in velvet, which leads us to the next trend on our list.

Is That, Velvet?

Why yes, it is, and you will see it used in many different styles in 2019, according to Interior Designer Liz Toombs. Once seen as stuffy and stodgy, velvet is now being embraced as luxurious but also funky. Toombs says, when the fabric is used on a tailored piece of furniture with clean lines, it doesn’t look old-fashioned as it would on a Victorian piece. Designers predict velvet furniture and accent pieces to be winners in 2019 for creating a warm, inviting space.  

Color Us Impressed

Each year, experts from a variety of industries opine on the shades and hues that will be most popular in the coming season. But when it comes right down to it, who better to talk color than the people who make paint. Here are the paint colors of the year from the top brands.

• Cavern Clay from Sherwin-Williams / Warm and earthy, this shade invokes the midcentury passion for terra-cotta and the design aesthetic of the southwestern U.S. for a desert modern look and feel. sherwin-williams.com

• Ginger Scent from Pratt & Lambert / Calming and elegant, this near-neutral takes on the personality of those with which it’s paired, delicate and mindful in one setting, fun and vibrant in another. prattandlambert.com

• Metropolitan from Benjamin Moore / Nuanced and glamorous, this lovely shade of greige is peaceful without being remotely boring, able to bring harmony and balance to any room. benjaminmoore.com

• Blueprint from Behr​ / Honest and imaginative, both the name and shade of this dusty, chalky, infinitely approachable blue are meant to inspire a reinvigorated today and a look to the future. behr.com

• Peacock Blue from Kelly-Moore / Saturated and classic, this blue features very subtle green undertones that make us wonder if blue is the new black—or white for that matter—adding drama to all it touches. kellymoore.com

• Night Watch from PPG / Moody and rich, this deep emerald tone is gleaned from nature—almost restorative in its reflection of the outdoors—and pairs beautifully with live-edge wood. ppgpaints.com