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Women Who Shape and Move Our City

The sixties were a decade of change for women who slowly evolved into the workforce, predominately in the areas of teaching, nursing and clerical support. One in five women with children under six and nearly one-fourth of women whose children were over 16 held paid jobs – their pay level 60 percent of their male counterpart.

Fast forward fifty years. Today, almost half of the workforce in the U.S. are female, with women rising to the helm of such influential corporations as General Motors. IBM and Yahoo. 

Colorado Springs is no exception. Continually ranked among the top cities in the nation for women-owned businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors, we are home to a wide expanse of outstanding women who not only contribute to the city’s economic growth, but moreover its quality of life. From individual businesses to health and the arts, non-profits to real estate developments and the hospitality industry, the women featured in the following special section continue to use their talents and insights to shape and move our city. Each is a power unto her own.

Barbara Keller 

President and Owner of Barbara E. McGrath Custom Homes

Larkspur, CO 80118 / 719.487.7499 / bemcgrathcustom.com

Barbara Harris 

Realtor, Owner Harris Group Realty Inc

7011 Campus Drive, Ste 210, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 / 719.227.9900 / harrisgrouprealtyinc.com

Margaret Sabin 

President and CEO of Penrose-St. Francis Health Services

2222 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 / 719.776.5000 / penrosestfrancis.org

Lynne Telford 

President and CEO of Care and Share Food Bank

2605 Preamble Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 / 719.528.1247 / careandshare.org

Stephanie Edwards

Executive Vice President and COO / Gold Hill Mesa

719.633.2202 / goldhillmesa.com

Lisa Bachman 

Principal, Bachman PR Public Involvement / Public Communications

719.488.5908 / bachmanpr.com

Linda L. Weise

Founding, Chief Executive Officer Colorado Springs Conservatory

415 S. Sahwatch Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 / 719.577.4556 / csconservatory.org

Dr. Rebecca Berghorst 

Director of Children’s Services

2135 Southgate Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 / 719.633.4114 / cedarspringsbhs.org

Dr. R. Nicole Sims 

Attending Psychiatrist

2135 Southgate Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 / 719.633.4114 / cedarspringsbhs.org

Leslie Castle

Personal Stylist

719.761.5700 / lesliecastle.jhilburn.com / lesliecastle.etcetera.com

Lynette Crow-Iverson 

President and CEO of Conspire!

1495 Garden of The Gods Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80907 / 719.785.1161 / www.conspire2hire.com / www.hqms.co

Bette Ann Albert 

Artist and Ambassador

719.477.1355 / Betteannalbert.com / Marywilliamsfinearts.com

Lauren M. Hug, J.D., LL.M.

Founder & Principal, HugSpeak Consulting

719.439.4845 / hugspeak.com / facebook.com/HugSpeak / Twitter: @HugSpeak@LaurenHug

Garden of the Gods Collection International Health & Wellness Center

3320 Mesa Road, Colorado Springs / 719.632.5541 / gardenofthegodsclub.com / ihwcwellness.com

Jen Gesick 

Owner and Marketing Strategist for Jen Barry Productions

7035 Campus Drive, Ste 801, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 / 719.650.4959 / Jenbarryproductions.com

Grace Covington 

Covington Homes

13725 Struthers Road, Ste 201, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 / 719.448.5000 / covingtonhomesco.com

Amy Neary 

Owner, Revivology IV Hydration

9475 Briar Village Pt. #140, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 / 719.896.2000 / Revivologyiv.com