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Fresh and Flavorful

Healthy Eating With a Flair

Artfully presented with a drizzle of fresh blackberries, Moxie’s Key Lime Torte, with its graham cracker crust and coconut whipped cream topping, is the perfect finale for your summer meal.

Artfully presented with a drizzle of fresh blackberries, Moxie’s Key Lime Torte, with its graham cracker crust and coconut whipped cream topping, is the perfect finale for your summer meal.

Burgers or brussels sprouts? French fries or celery sticks? Everyone wants to eat healthy, but how do you choose? The answer is right here in the Springs. A kid-friendly café and a fresh, plant based kitchen so innovative you can have it all. So, join us as we take you to Bean Sprouts and Moxie. 

Bean Sprouts

Hip and healthy, Bean Sprouts is a delight for the entire family.

Enter the brightly-colored café at the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center, and you can feel the excitement. Kids cluster around a counter-high menu, scanning the colored illustrations to make their own selections.

Kids are drawn to the creative shapes, like the Crocamole, avocado and hummus in a crocodile-shaped avocado shell, or the Grilledzilla, a gooey grilled cheese with veggies, that looks suspiciously like Godzilla with jagged teeth. 

But there’s so much more.

“We offer a twist on kids’ favorites,” says Bean Sprouts co-founder Kelly Parthen, “but we healthify them—not in a didactic way but by making healthy food fun.”

Passionate about creating a playful eating experience for kids and families, Kelly and her co-founder, Shannon Seip, now have thirteen locations around the country, a delightful kids’ cookbook, and they’ve shared their approach at the White House.

The Do-Re-For-Me, shaped like piano keys, is a healthy twist on a PB and J. 

Since Bean Sprouts is a nut free facility, the sandwich is made with sunflower butter. So fresh and tasty, it was named the nation’s Best Kids’ Meal by the National Restaurant Association and the Kids LiveWell initiative. 

Grown-ups have equally tempting choices, from the Chicken Presto Chango, bursting with melty mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto to the Great Turkado, with avocado and a smoked paprika honey aioli. 

Need a caffeine fix, Mom? Order a Café Miel, sweetened with spiced honey, or a Caramel Chai. 

At Bean Sprouts, there’s something for everyone!

If you go:
Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center
1805 N. 30th Street, 80904 (719) 634-6666



High atop Eighth Street, with a commanding view of Pikes Peak, Moxie offers dining with an attitude.

The moment you walk in, you can feel the energy, from the warmth of your welcome and the hum of the guests to the excitement of your server.

Moxie offers a plant based menu so innovative and tasty that it’s receiving rave reviews from vegans and carnivores alike. 

“Our goal is to showcase excellent food, seasoned well, that everyone will love,” says Nissa Buth, who co-owns Moxie with her husband Mike.

And they have succeeded.

The Tempura Cauliflower Steak, visually stunning on circles of carrot and chimichurri purées, is simply addictive—crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside.

If you’re a falafel fan, you’ll love the Lentil Fritters on the lunch menu. The crunch of the fritters, paired with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled onions, and a tahini vinaigrette, offers the perfect bite.

You won’t find a steam table or can opener at Moxie.

Chef Ruthie Poole, who is not vegan, is excited to show that plant based food can be delicious.

“We focus on fresh ingredients, support local and or small farms, and offer good food that makes everyone feel welcome,” Poole says.

Like the Smoked Red Pepper Bisque that showcases the freshness of the red pepper topped with cashew crème fraîche and croutons.

Or the Tempeh Tacos. This sweet, spicy, smoky mix of pineapple salsa, kimchi and Korean barbeque will become a go-to favorite. 

With its white-washed brick walls and airy interior, Moxie is perfect for lingering.

“Whether you’re dressing up for a date or wearing shorts and flip flops after a hike,” Buth says, “we wanted to create a place where people felt comfortable.”

On a warm summer evening, nothing’s more relaxing than sitting on the patio, enjoying one of bar manager Katie Toth’s innovative craft cocktails, created with house made infusions and syrups.

“What you’re experiencing,” Toth says, “is a little bit of our personalities infused into our drinks.”

Everyone behind the bar had a hand in creating the cocktail menu.

The Mule Kick, with house made jalapeno-infused vodka, cilantro simple syrup and ginger beer is a spicy variation on a Moscow Mule.

While the wildly popular Rosemary Margarita, is a refreshing mix of orange liqueur, rosemary-orange agave, and El Portico silver tequila.

For a sweet finale, try the Strawberry Tostada, a finger-licking blend of fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce on a fried, brown sugar-coated tostada. Or the Key Lime Torte, light and fluffy with a graham cracker crust and a dollop of coconut whipped cream.

Whether you’re enjoying lunch, dinner or Moxie’s weekend brunch, you can taste the care and delight in every bite. 

If you go:
925 S. 8th Street, 80905
(719) 465-3595