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Business Spotlight: Kristie Bender-Carey

During her 30-plus years working in finance, banking, and investment Kristie Bender-Carey’s primary goal was to help her customers realize their full market potential. Her new business, Lighthouse Growth Companies, is no different.

“My top goal is to get everyone in the Top 6 Percent Club,” Kristie says, referring to the top 6 percent of entrepreneurs who make six-figure incomes. 

Kristie invites all business owners in the Pikes Peak Region to boost their bottom line, using her consulting services, which draw on her extensive business experience.

In the Mastermind Program and working one-on-one with business owners, Kristie and her team of highly-skilled business consultants teach entrepreneurs how to make tactical business decisions which will enhance their company’s strategic growth, thus its niche development and community positioning in order to increase market share. In addition, career consulting and up-to-date human resource training is likewise available.

“For companies requiring additional capital, we can also assist,” she says, referring to her countless business/finance contacts from New York to California and beyond. “It’s a win-win formula.”

Businesses of all sizes – start-ups or firms that have operated for decades – can benefit from the Lighthouse Growth Companies’ Mastermind Program.

“We have perfected an exceptional entrepreneurial growth tank that uniquely combines training and support for a sufficient period of time to actually see, feel, and measure the difference in your business success,” Kristie says.

A first step for those curious about this program is to visit Kristie’s website, Lighthousegrowthco.com. There, all are invited to download the free Niche Secrets Audio and Action Guide. Business owners may also download the free copy of Lighthouse Growth Companies’ report, 7 Stumbling Blocks That Keep Solopreneurs Stuck in Five Figures.

Kristie’s motivation is to help every Colorado Springs business owner become a 6-Percenter.

“This community has been amazing to me. It has made me who I am. Now it’s time for me to give back to these entrepreneurs by helping them,” she says.

“It’s plain and simple – I want to give back."