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The Health of It

Innovative Spas that Reach Beyond Relaxation

Spas are an ideal place to inspire healthy living, both physically and mentally. When we invest in a day at the spa, we expect to be immersed in an overall sense of wellbeing. Two spas in Colorado Springs are not only helping their clients to look and feel their best, but are integrating therapeutic practices and technologies that deliver health-giving benefits. 

MX Spa

From the moment a client steps into the golden chandelier glow of The MX Spa lobby, nestled in The Mining Exchange Hotel, they are immersed in a tranquil, luxurious world. This sense of escape is exactly the atmosphere that designer, Lorn Lee, intended to create. 

The MX Spa experience begins with exquisite attention to detail, both in beautiful design and quality services. “The mission is for clients to be enveloped and nurtured from the time they enter the spa,” Lee explains. “I want them to receive the whole-person care that I would expect.” 

After researching spas around the globe, from Vail to Monaco, her standards are high. Lee synthesizes best practices with her own mindful touches, like plush robes, extra thick towels, memory foam face cradles, Chippendale nail bowls, and a team of top service providers. 

Lee says that her inaugural massage at MX Spa brought her to tears, describing it as “overwhelming to finally be in the space that had lived inside of my mind for three years.” Her vision was accomplished! 

These special treatments, unique to MX Spa, are excellent additions to a ritual health routine:

The Pure Opulence Oxygen Facial

Also known as the ‘red carpet facial’, celebrities use it to attain instant beautifying results. (Hollywood insiders say film producers are thrilled, as Photoshop expenses have been cut in half.) 

This technology delivers a gentle stream of pure oxygen (not like being jabbed with Botox), that infuses rich serums and hyaluronic acid into the dermal cells to firm and hydrate; the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects of oxygen are said to provide anti-aging and health benefits such as hydration, lymph drainage and increased circulation – especially beneficial in high altitude.

Sunlighten™ Sauna

Offering one of the few Infrared saunas in the state, the thermal technology penetrates deep within the tissue to detoxify at the cellular level; promotes circulation, lowers blood pressure, builds immunity, relieves joint pain, and treats a host of skin diseases. Typically, it costs extra at other spas, but at MX, this high tech sauna is included in the experience.

Kohler VibrAcoustic Bubble Massage Chromotherapy Tub

The couple’s retreat can include a soak in this one-of-a-kind tub that is a mind-body sensory immersion. Hidden speakers send rippling sound waves that gently massage the body with vibration technology, while a spectrum of lights and champagne bubbles enhance the experience. The tub is therapeutic for asthma, insomnia, and muscular pain relief. This soothing soak sets one up for a deep, near-comatose sleep. 

International Health and Wellness Center at Garden of the Gods Club & Resort

Located in the spectacular Garden of the Gods Club and Resort, this world-class destination spa fuses the expertise of East meets West therapeutic practices; where rejuvenating services of a wellness spa intersect with a complete medical overhaul. 

A new, three-story facility is underway, that will house the spa, salon, event space, and expanded Wellness Center. Property owners, Brenda Smith and Judy Mackey, inspired by their executive backgrounds involving the healthcare industry, as well as their own medical journeys, have developed a model of excellence connecting mind, spirit and body to achieve optimal wellbeing. 

“We have sought out an exceptional team of medical professionals who take a ‘patient/ practitioner partnership’ approach, to provide a whole person response,” explains Mackey. “Our practitioners integrate traditional and alternative treatments, opting for less invasive interventions.”

Seeking to address aging and disease at the core, the process begins with comprehensive analysis of body composition, metabolic rate, hormone levels, cardiac risk factors, allergies, and genetic predispositions. 

Practitioners then work collaboratively to personalize a program using a combination of therapies that incorporate nutrition, exercise, natural bio-identical hormones and supplementations, while tracking outcomes to aid patients in attaining their maximum health potential.

“There is nothing more rewarding than to give someone their quality of life and vitality back,” Smith observes. “We believe the body has the tools to heal itself, so we are setting conditions to make that possible.” 

The Wellness Center, headed by Dr. Michael J. Barber, cardiologist and pioneering electrophysiologist, has assembled a dynamic, clinical care team that represents an array of specialties: 

Dr. Robert Blaich, a holistic healthcare leader and author of “Your Inner Pharmacy,” bridges traditional and complementary medicine to manage stress, pain, and imbalances through chiropractic and nutrition care.

Dr. Shane T. Wells utilizes high-tech testing to discover past physical traumas, applying chiropractic, functional neurology and applied kinesiology to restore optimal performance. 

Dr. Jamie Wright, certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, focuses on anti-aging, addressing such issues as metabolism, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, and ‘un-diagnosable’ conditions. 

Ascension of Health & Wellness 

The pursuit of well-being aligns with Colorado Springs’ beautiful, inspiring setting. The MX Spa and International Wellness Center are elevating the spa industry locally, integrating beauty with health-giving treatments that work in harmony to restore mind, body, and spirit, and enhance quality of life for visitors and locals alike.