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Fast & Furious

It's Full Speed Ahead for Indoor Raceway

A new entertainment complex opens this month on the north end of Colorado Springs and based on the enthusiasm of its ownership, it will be on the fast track to success.

Overdrive Raceway, located at 196 Spectrum Loop near Bass Pro Shops, is the only two-story, two-track indoor electric go-kart facility in the United States.

The building will house two tracks, one on each level, running about 14 cars and 1.75 miles per race. The go-karts are Italian made, cost $12,500 each and come in two sizes. The larger kart will accommodate someone 56 inches and taller, while the smaller one is for individuals 48-56 inches in height. The main-level track will run both sizes of karts, while the upstairs track will only run the larger model. 

The facility is the brainchild of Jim Mundle, who has a Disney background and believes success is built on a combination of a fun experience and world-class customer service.

“I learned a lot about the next level of customer service at Disney,” says Mundle. “It’s a lost art in our country. The customer needs to be taken care of from the time they walk in the door until they leave.”

The $6.5 million facility also has arcade games, concessions similar to a sports arena or movie theatre, full-service bar with a more upscale food menu, an area for birthday parties and conference rooms for corporate events and private parties. 

“The upstairs track can be rented out completely while the main track will always remain open to the public,” Mundle says. “This is a fun and exciting business that brings the experience of racing to everyone.”

Mundle visited several indoor tracks and took the best of what he saw to develop the concept being deployed at the 68,000-square-foot Overdrive Raceway. With an emphasis on safety, the raceway will have a race marshal, similar to a lifeguard, who can control the speed of any kart to include stopping the race if there is a crash or an unsafe situation. The karts are electric so there are no fumes to deal with, and all participants will be required to wear a head sock and helmet for their race.

The raceway also will have four hand-controlled karts for handicapped racers to ensure the experience is available to everyone who meets the height requirements.

Mundle is also picky about the nearly 30 employees he hires. “I was taught at Disney that the little things mean a lot,” Mundle says. “We want high-energy, motivated people there to serve the customer. We want the best, because it’s not just about the go-karts, it’s about the atmosphere our customers will experience. “

And each kart will be kept in like-new condition with the help of employees trained to handle everything from body and engine work to changing tires. 

Why Colorado Springs? Mundle, who lives in Castle Rock, said it was the perfect storm of residential, business, military and easy access to Powers Blvd. and Interstate 25 that attracted him to the location. “This is going to be an exhilarating experience,” he says. “There is not enough family entertainment as it is. This is something different from movies and miniature golf - and hopefully keeps them coming back.”