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Out to Lunch

Bonny and Read’s owner, 
Joseph Campana, hopes customers walk away saying “I’ve just had the best fish of my life in Colorado Springs.” Try the Seafood Tower, with its abundance of flavors, and you’ll be a believer.

Bonny and Read’s owner, Joseph Campana, hopes customers walk away saying “I’ve just had the best fish of my life in Colorado Springs.” Try the Seafood Tower, with its abundance of flavors, and you’ll be a believer.

Whether you’re on the clock or have time to linger, lunch is the perfect opportunity to sample some of the Springs’ newest restaurants. We’ve combed the city and found two hot spots that fill the bill: a seafood restaurant and a farm-sourced eatery with food so fresh and flavorful they’re sure to become your favorite go-to destinations.

Bonny and Read

Imagine whole Maine lobsters, Key West pink Shrimp, and Oysters on the Half Shell.

All wild caught and all fresh. 

These are just some of the delicacies at Bonny and Read, Joseph Campana’s new seafood restaurant in the heart of downtown.

Named after two infamous 18th century sea pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the décor offers whimsical pirate-inspired oil paintings, hardwood floors, and high topped booths. One wall even projects mesmerizing twelve foot videos of exotic marine life.

“We bring in fresh whole fish and butcher them in house,” says Executive Chef, Josh Kelly.

“And if you order our fresh Maine lobster,” Kelly says, “it will be snapping its claws in my walk-in cooler before it hits your plate.”

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. is the perfect time to sample some of your coastal favorites.

Their traditional lobster roll is bursting with large, succulent chunks of fresh Maine lobster in a mayonnaise, chive and lemon dressing. 

It’s classically served on a New England-style hot dog bun that’s buttered, grilled and topped with Boston lettuce.

Another favorite is their Fish and Chips. Made with fresh cod, it’s dipped in a light beer batter and served with extra crispy fries, house tarter sauce and lemon.

Customers rave over the Seared Red Snapper. It’s so moist and tender, you’ll swear it just came off the boat.

If you’re not a seafood lover, try the tenderloin burger. Juicy and flavorful, it’s served on a brioche bun with white cheddar and a truffle aioli.

And don’t forget dessert. The Pineapple Upside Down Cake gives a nod to the ocean theme with fresh caramelized pineapple, rum, and a warm vanilla cake.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for a taste of the sea, sip one of their Walking the Plank martinis, crack some crab legs, and you can almost feel the ocean breezes wafting against your face. 

Modern Market

Mention “Modern Market” and people’s eyes light up. “I love that place!” they say.

The minute you enter, you’re drawn in to its high ceilings, bright lights and open kitchen.

Within seconds your order is taken. And in less than eight minutes, your food is ready.

But this is not traditional fast food.

The founders of Modern Market, two graduates from the University of Colorado at Boulder, were passionate about creating a restaurant that offered amazing, scratch-made food from farms not factories. 

And they have succeeded. 

They now have 27 locations around the country.

“We are meticulous about the ingredients we choose,” Colorado Springs manager Morgan Newkirk says, “like greens from Scarborough Farms in California, Polidori Sausage from Denver, and Redbird chicken from Englewood.”

At Modern Market, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and “non-dieting” friends can all enjoy a meal together. 

“We pay attention to people’s allergies,” Newkirk says, “and we can adjust every recipe to meet their needs.”

The Farmer Salad is their biggest lunch time seller. With fresh strawberries, corn, feta cheese, roasted chicken and almonds, it offers a perfect balance of sweet and salty.

The Basil Chicken Sandwich is a close second. It’s served toasted on ciabatta bread with a creamy basil aioli, melted provolone, and arugula.

Pizza is another lunch-time hit. 

“Our pizzas are all lightly topped, not loaded,” Newkirk says, “so you can eat the pizza and not have to take a nap.” 

Their Prosciutto Pizza is a show-stopper. Instead of sauce, it features thinly-sliced pears, mixed with gorgonzola, mozzarella and arugula, then topped with prosciutto.  

For a taste treat, order their dessert pizza, a delightful mixture of blueberries, strawberries, brown sugar butter, and whole wheat crumble, drizzled with whipped Greek yogurt.

The owners believe that if you eat great food, you’ll feel great.

From the legion of faithful customers lining up at the counter, it’s clear they agree.