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Legendary Luxury Lives

The 2016 Cadillac CT6 Spearheads The “Standard Of The World’s” New Strategy

The American legend, Cadillac, has been known as the “standard of the world” since the early 20th century. Through the years, there have been highs and lows, yet since the turn of the 21st century, Cadillac has been riding high. Recently, Cadillac moved their corporate headquarters from Detroit to the trendy SoHo area of Manhattan, in an effort to redefine both the brand and to connect with their intended clientele. Cadillac seeks to distance itself from white shoe/white belt retirees in Florida and to cozy-up to iPhone-wielding consumers of the new suburbanism. 

Styling For The Stylish

From the Sedan de Villes of the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s to their present line-up, one could count on GM’s premier nameplate to deliver a smooth ride in a comfortable manner, with all matter of luxury at the occupants’ disposal. However, the 2016 CT6 overshadows Caddys of the past. When we think of legendary models, we think of a 1959’s tailfins towering over the pavement or a massive, ‘70s Eldorado driven by an oil baron. Now, add the CT6 to your collective car memories: its knife-edged front end, with laser-like, LED lighting, transitions into a sleek, sharp side profile, creating a roofline that flows into a distinctive trunk area. Like jewelry on Miss America, the CT6’s chrome only accentuates the lines; the crisp creases in the body panels highlight the technological prowess underneath the skin. Cadillac has always recognized that its cars must be bold, but not brash, possessing elegance rather than ostentatiousness. The CT6 delivers in both ways.

A Technological Tour de Force

To lead, one must take control, and the new CT6’s technologically advanced driving aids allow the driver to do just that, with confidence. An available twin-turbo V6 with 400 horsepower sits under the hood, coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Delivering a seemingly endless supply of power, the CT6 is glued to the road via a sophisticated, optional all-wheel-drive system that is a boon in the dry (for better handling) and a blessing in the wet/ice/snow (for traction). A bit later, Cadillac intends to debut a Hybrid version of the CT6: a large, luxury sedan that sips fuel like an economy car. Says Joel DeFazio, General Sales Manager of Red Noland Cadillac, “The CT6 is lighter and more nimble than the competition, and offers better fuel economy than other vehicles in its class.” 

For safety’s sake, an array of exterior cameras on the car provide the driver with a 360-degree view around the vehicle, which is seen on a massive, 10.2-inch color screen in the middle of the wood and leather dashboard. Yet another screen doubles as the rearview mirror—offering unobstructed views out back sans the car’s roof pillars. Like six-figure Euro sedans, there are also available video screens for rear passengers’ entertainment. All the lucky occupants of the CT6 are treated to ventilated, massaging, and heated leather thrones. Amazingly, there’s an optional 34-speaker Bose hi-fi system that will make one feel like they’re front-row-center at Red Rocks. Rounding out this technological tour de force is built-in 4G LTE cellphone connectivity, active parallel parking assist, and a night vision system that allows one to view heat signatures of any pedestrians or animals. Heat signatures and 34 speakers? The CT6 is more like an IMAX movie than a conveyance to Ruth’s Chris. Moreover, the dealership experience is another area where retailers like Red Noland Cadillac are stepping up to the plate. Continues DeFazio, “We provide a level of luxury customer service that is the cornerstone of our 42 years in business. Our success comes from the attention of building meaningful relationships with our customers. Paired with an American icon such as Cadillac, it’s a fantastic recipe for excellence.” 

Created For Colorado Springs, Not Köln

The CT6’s driving manners fuse all of the above wizardry into a cohesive package that reminds the driver they’re piloting a patriotic legend that can go toe-to-toe with the best of the world. You see, the captain of a Cadillac doesn’t have to “make do” with a ride that’s choppy because it’s created for ancient streets in Berlin, Germany, rather than those of The Broadmoor. With the optional Active Chassis System, the car is coddled via Magnetic Ride Control that turns bumpy roads into smooth ones and there’s even active rear steering that gives this large sedan the agility of a go-kart. The 2016 Cadillac CT6 is an American beauty that showcases homegrown style, technology, and most of all—domestic daring. There’s another legend in the making to join the storied Cadillac models from the past…. with both headlamps pointed squarely towards the future.